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Welcome all to Labyrinth_Fic, a livejournal community for fanatics of the movie 'The Labyrinth'. Everything is accepted, when concerning fics of course. I need not say that discrimination, and blah blah blah is not tolerated here.

Aside from posting fics you may also post icons and fanart, but I only ask that you place these behind a cut (unless it's only a couple of icons).

For those who, like me, are confused on how to use a LJ cut, simply go to the bottom of the entry box where you type, you'll see 'rich text' mode. Click on that. Type whatever, highlight it and at the bar above the entry, click on the lj-cut button, it's the second to first button. A name tag should come up to tell you what it is if you don't move your cursor for a few seconds.

The posts should look like this:

Story name:
Chapter name:
Story rating:
Beta readers: *Note: This part isn't required, but it'll be nice of you.*
Brief description:

Then the lj-cut leading to the story.

Anyhoo...so... what are you waiting for. Post!