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First Try - Labyrinth_Fic
A Labyrinth Fan Fiction Community
The Labyrinth
October 2009

Touchshriek posting in Labyrinth_Fic
User: labyrinth_fic (posted by touchshriek)
Date: 2008-02-28 10:27
Subject: First Try
Security: Public
Music:Janis Joplin- Cry Baby

Hi. I wrote in a (long) while ago asking for advise on how to post on Livejournal. Well, I've finally figured it out! 

So, with no more to say, this is my contribution. It's also archived at FF.net so I apologise if anyone here has already read it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing; I do not profit from this. Whatever laws I may or may not be breaking, I am fully sensible of my worthlessness in this venture.

Author's Note: Very short and very ungrounded. No names are mentioned but I'm sure we can all guess that this is from Jareth's perspective. It's a simple follow-through on atmosphere and concept.


There is a semblance of purity to melancholy, an all-encompassing ‘out-ness’ that does not change if I like or dislike. It is there, and I feel it. What emotions I possess are abundantly occupied with the state of my tired schedule.
I wake, I dress, I eat. I attend to business, I speak, I listen. I eat, I undress, I sleep.
No change has ever broken this schedule. It shall be as it always is.
I look for more. I go to places removed from my present position. I seek to converse with those who catch my eye. They are afraid and I never quite understood why until I heard one ask me what I spoke of. I was angry at first, and then scornful, only to realize that it is the same conversation I have with each of them that I have with the others. They say nothing new, and my mind has already leapt ahead with bored conjectures. I find there can be no more than this.
What else am I to do?
I have considered changing myself. I am nothing if not thorough. I have been all things since it is impossible to be nothing, and I have felt some pleasure in certain phases and discomfort in others. I like winged creatures until I am hunted. I like land creatures until my limbs grow sore. I like hunters until my belly grows empty and prey until I am on the edge of death. I have been conqueror and captive, worm and monster, myth and reality. I have spoken with all tongues. I have thought with all minds.
I have existed, in short, since eternity. I never age, I never die. I have no sympathy for the sick and the elderly. I was never born so I have no affinity for children. I have never hurt, or been anxious. If I dislike a situation, I leave it.
And every day I wake, I work, and I sleep.
I am tired now. I need company. I will love if I must love, and charm if I must charm. I will choose the closest race to my present form, which is human. I will choose a strong and healthy young girl as is the human way. I have her in my sights and I will learn her ways.
The humans in this part of the globe no longer take what they want, so I will woo her as is the custom.
She likes fairytales so I will give her a book. It will suggest delicately that she should love me. She is very gullible, this girl, but I like her. She has that trick of amusing herself for long periods of time. That will be invaluable. I have a schedule and she must prove she can bring change to me, since I seem unable to take it for myself.
I watch her and feel a strange satisfaction that I have chosen right.
My plan will work, and I will woo this girl. Perhaps there are customs of togetherness that I can learn from her. She will alleviate my boredom. When she grows older I can see where life takes me. There might be room for her or there might not. I can decide that later.
Perhaps if there are two displaced together it won’t seem so lonely.
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